Our artists create contemporary pieces that reflect their unique backgrounds and experiences living up in Cuba. Our goal is to bring their stories to life through their art, and we hope you'll enjoy learning more about them here on our website.

Zaida del Rio

Zaida del Rio (b. 1954, Guadalupe, Las Villas, Cuba) is one of Cuba's most respected living female artists today. Her works establish a link between the human body as a landscape and nature. She draws inspiration from her intense connection with mother nature to create a imaginary world where plants and trees merge with human figures that are characterized by their innate femininity. By applying abstraction, del Rio uses a visual vocabulary that addresses spirituality and hedonism. Del Rio received her diploma in Fine Art from National School of Fine Arts in Havana, Cuba, a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Superior Institute of Art in Havana, Cuba, and a Master in Fine Arts from the Ecole de Beaux in Paris, France.

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Esteban A Leyva

Estaban is without a doubt one of our most well known authors within the O&C project. Having sold pieces to high ranking politicians of the US government like Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as to institutions like the Democratic Party, buying a piece by Leyva is an investment into his growth as an artists. 

Liliana Cortina Rosabal

Liliana Cortina confesses that her greatest course is to show, from subjective ways, the nature of the human being. That is why her works have a dramatic charge that emanates from the conjunction of bodies, generally female, some amorphous and others beautiful and happy, but always with obvious allusions to the nakedness of souls.

Juan Brouwer

Theorizing about abstraction could be trite after 100 years of devoted and committed experts to this manifestation. How much has not been already said and in how many ways the subject will not have been discussed? That’s why I find more appropriate to discuss the subject from my personal experience.