Collection: Handy Hernández

Handy is a graduate from the Eduardo Abela school of arts. He is a student of the female body, interested in deconstructing the female sex from the very foundations of the creations. The different styles of sensuality overlap to blur reality, drawing the viewer into a study of how we see beauty.

Colors become the center of every painting. Fused to the female figure they become a narrative that stands to make Handy’s figurative artwork his own. It is a study of hidden eroticism and sinuous formative lines that form his composition. His taste for color mixing is impressive, and his choice in color palette is an important part of the creative concept.

His work at times almost feels like drawings that have come alive forming a new age pop art aesthetic that remind us of Roy Lichtenstein. Handy composes and recreates the sensuality of a future to come, of a reality that inevitably moves away from its comfort zone and forms a reclamation of nudity.

Read more about Handy Hernández on his Curriculum Vitae.