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Handy Hernández, Painting, Portrait, Oil on canvas, width 60cm height 80cm, 2019

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"Untitled" by Handy Hernández is a portrait made of oil and canvas. 

Handy Hernández is a Cuban painter best known for his seductive style and ability to capture the subject in a moment of ecstasy. This pure joy comes in many forms, and sometimes the easiest way to express it is within a colorful smile. 

Handy Hernández work can be described as a mixture of sensual, mysterious, and clarity. This comes from his Figurative work on the naked body while experimenting with bright colors that accentuate the female body and does more than justice to every curve available. His series of Diluted Dreams explore each a different color and how it relates to the experience of bodies and how each body serves as a canvas within a canvas.