Our Story

Oleos & Canvas is a dream that was started out of the desire to promote young Latin   Artists to a world stage. Created by Janisette Cruz Alvarez the organization started as a website in Cuba in 2006, it has now grown to an international organization hosted in Canada with the purpose of bringing Latin Art to the world. 

We select only the finest Latin painters and Artists to join our site to showcase the talent and vision of these young creatives who because of economic barriers would never have this chance. We are committed to promoting both new and existing talent to nourish the relationships between these artists and promote creativity and growth by association. 

Our future dream is to create our own gallery, which is possible by our multiple expositions and to amplify the horizons that our artistic family has available to them. 

As for the present, we have recently relaunched our online store after the struggles of the world wide pandemic. The changes coming to the website for our relaunch will allow us to capture payment more easily, as well as the inclusion of exclusive art prints created by our artists.