Our Story

Born out of a dream to promote the Cuban art to the world, Oleos & Canvas is a collective whose mission is to share a rich culture of a country and support local Cuban artists. 

We were first founded in 2006 back in Cuba by mom Janisette Cruz Alvarez and her mom Ana Luisa Alvarez Gill, with of course the help of my aunt Lisette Gortz. Currently being run by me (Marcos Mena Cruz) in tandem with my mom, we are a family business at our core. We have now grown to an international collective hosted in Canada with the purpose of bringing Cuban Art to the world.

Our family photo of our founders back in 2012! 


And of course, a photo of me and my mom! 


Today, limited by the economic situation of the island and numerous factors outside of their control, the artists have been disproportionately affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. There was a need for an organization to help the artists be able to commercialize their art online and thus gain some of the traction that was lost due to the massive decrease of tourism in Cuba. 

Oleos & Canvas is committed to helping our artists grow and help their work be presented in online in a way in a positive and international matter so that the world can learn more about Cuban art. Our goal is to market and promote these artists so that they can focus on their passion for art while we focus on sharing said passion with the world. 

We select only the finest Cuban painters and Artists to join our site to showcase the talent and vision of these young creatives who because of economic barriers would never have this chance. We are committed to promoting both new and existing talent to nourish the relationships between these artists and promote creativity and growth by association.