Our Story

Oleos & Canvas is an online art gallery founded by Marcos Mena Cruz dedicated to promoting fine contemporary Cuban Art worldwide. Representing 24 Cuban Artists of different backgrounds and formation, we seek to shape and educate the world about what contemporary Cuban Art. 

Born from the passion of Marcos Mena Cruz as a way to reconnect with Cuban heritage, Mena Cruz saw the need to share with the world the rich culture and history of his heritage. 

The Cuban Arts scene is under going a period of great importance. The socio-economic changes that are currently affecting the island and its people, caused by a multitude of factors, have driven artists to create and re-shape the way that contemporary art is explored within the island. 

We select only the finest Cuban painters and Artists to join our site to showcase the talent and vision of these young creatives who because of economic barriers would never have this chance. We are committed to promoting both new and existing talent to nourish the relationships between these artists and promote creativity and growth by association.

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