Collection: Esteban A. Leyva

Estaban is without a doubt one of our most well known authors within the O&C project. Having sold pieces to high ranking politicians of the US government like Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as to institutions like the Democratic Party, buying a piece by Leyva is an investment into his growth as an artists. 

Artists Statement: 

“I use a language where freedom is reflected above all in the use of composition and color, I represent expressive situations that do not refer to the similar known model or to photographed scenes of our reality.

There are so many universes and situations in them as life and its surprises, for an always naïve man who goes restless, some are lost in these labyrinths without finding the end in this type of artistic representation.”

To find out more about Esteban A. Leyva please refer to their Curriculum Vitae