Collection: Nurieski Pichardo

Nurieski Pichardo is a hyper realistic painter that trained as an Art Teacher in the municipality of Güines, a small town in the outskirts of Habana. It was through this teaching and helping of others that he discovered his talent for blending hyper realistic images in unorthodox setting, creating almost surrealist pieces like the ones displayed in this exposition.

What is most striking is his vision of creating universes that are parallel to ours, a cosmos that seems organized chaotic and the same time only visible through the canvases he creates. His works oppose established realism, laying the foundations for a new mystical order of things. His work proclaims itself a mediator between the magical and the real.

His average painting takes anywhere between 5 to 8 weeks of labour, where he spends hour after hour meticulously painting every single detail to create the perfect piece. Working primarily with digital mock-ups and always using real life models, Nurieski work is perfection in all angles.

For more information refer to his Curriculum Vitae