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Oleos & Canvas



Oil on canvas, 2018

Dimensions: 30 x 21 cm / 12 x 8 in

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The image by itself denounces the mistreatment, the censorship, the violation of the right to expressive freedom of an individual in the face of a certain threatening situation, which demarcates him as an object or private property of an entity of the same species with dominant and arrogant force. The fact of his reality only leaves him as an option conformism and (in)voluntary obedience, as a creature that lives in captivity and that only in his gaze expresses the desire to escape.

Nuresky paintings are all of original designs, and thanks to his experience as an artist he is able to recreate the paintings per the request of the client. If ordering from any of his collections, please be aware that it will take extra time for the painting to be prepared before it can be shipped out.

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