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Oleos & Canvas


Nurieski Pichardo, Painting, Photo Realism, Oil on canvas, width 65cm height 50cm, 2015.0

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After an image of stillness, a structure has been revealed from the most intrinsic of the soul, by nature fragile, corroded by the constant vicissitudes and attacks of moralistic prejudices that still persist in our century. She tries to emerge and externalize his pain from the darkness, like a sun that announces the first lights of dawn, but it is not virtual and it is only still there in our fantasy, behind that two-dimensional appearance that we cannot feel and that is fictitious.

Nuresky paintings are all of original designs, and thanks to his experience as an artist he is able to recreate the paintings per the request of the client. If ordering from any of his collections, please be aware that it will take extra time for the painting to be prepared before it can be shipped out.