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Oleos & Canvas

Introspección Giclée Print (Series of 18)

Introspección Giclée Print (Series of 18)

Oil on canvas, 2019

Dimensions: 140 x 100 cm / 55 x 39 in

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"Introspection" by Nurieski Pichardo is a photo realistic painting made of oil on canvas that has been scanned and turned into a limited series of prints. 

This artwork seamlessly blend reality and wonder, combining marked realism with mythological elements. It possess a unique quality, enhanced by the artist's refined technique, which transports us to an alternate cognitive reality—a parallel universe residing solely in the artist's subconscious.

Nurieski Pichardo

Nurieski is passionate about the realistic style and is able to capture the gestures of movements, mysticism, poverty, abandonment, loneliness, or African roots in the Caribbean. He is also inspired by their faces because he says - that there remain traces of the stories and the pain of the people. "It is the part of the human figure that best expresses feelings".



Each museum-quality Giclée Fine Art Print is part of our Oleos & Canvas collection which has a limited production run of 18 pieces per size. Printed locally in Toronto on heavy weight matte, acid-free cotton art paper using archival ink. All our prints are made-to-order.



All of our artwork is shipped unframed to allow freedom of expression and reduce shipping costs. We include an 1in paper border so you can choose how to trim and frame the piece yourself.

Small — Paper Size: 12 x 8in 
Medium — Paper Size: 20 x 12in 
Large — Paper Size: 32 x 24in
Gallery — Paper Size: 40 x 30in 
Oversize— Paper Size: 60 x 40in 

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