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Nurieski Pichardo, 2016

Size: 60 x 80 cm / 24 x 31 in

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The dialogue in essence, the patterns that sometimes demarcate the man by his physical appearance and his behavior as a masculine-machista member in front of a society. Unbreakable, resistant body, immune to pain, indifferent to discouragement, discouragement or melancholy. Perennial and decisive in the face of the decisive dilemmas and adversities of life. A whole stereotype that comes from a recurrent behavior that through the centuries persists even today as a legacy inherited from our Latin ancestors, which evokes in the author the image of a robust arm, apparently, that supports a heavy load, the which it carries on, be it continuity of its future descendants or it could become a new stereotype that, like the cracks in the background of the work, cracks before a world of changes and without reasons.

Nuresky paintings are all of original designs, and thanks to his experience as an artist he is able to recreate the paintings per the request of the client. If ordering from any of his collections, please be aware that it will take extra time for the painting to be prepared before it can be shipped out.


Oil on canvas

Shipping & Returns

All items are either shipped directly from Canada or Cuba unframed unless specifically requested. Artwork will be rolled and shipped out in a thick protective tube through available courier.

Please allow 2 to 3 business days for order processing. Shipment times will vary depending on location.

Return for orignal artwork must be done within 7 calendar days of delivery. Please get in contact with us to initiate a return.

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About Nurieski Pichardo

Nurieski is passionate about the realistic style and is able to capture the gestures of movements, mysticism, poverty, abandonment, loneliness, or African roots in the Caribbean. He is also inspired by their faces because he says - that there remain traces of the stories and the pain of the people. "It is the part of the human figure that best expresses feelings".

"I always have a tone of dissatisfaction with my work," he reveals. So I try to make the next painting more serious, more convincing ... I am still exploring and I need to mature in the search for a more conceptual language. I want my canvases to be perceived “directly, sublime and skin deep”.

For more information refer to his Curriculum Vitae