Collection: Mario González Rodríguez

The works of Mario González Rodríguez look like they are straight out of a gallery in New York, the mystical city that has brought so much inspiration to many abstract artists out there. His vanguard style, suggestive with color and with a much refined aesthetic presented in the terms of Cuban art. 

Without a doubt an adventurer, and one who is not afraid to experiment. From blossoming and bleeding flowers to abstract symbols that represent the alien of our world, Mario does not disappoint in carving a space for himself in the history of Cuban art. To make an abstract work it is very difficult, it is just not to launch paint over a canvas but to do so searching for a balance and equilibrium where the the composition of the painting becomes clear and finished to all those who look within it. Rodríguez does this within all of his works and with a masterful technique that is hard to find now a days. 

For more information refer to his Curriculum Vitae