Mario González Rodríguez Curriculum Vitae

Applied studies:

2010. Bachelor of Education in Art Instructor in the Specialty of Plastic Arts.

2011. Graduated from the School of Art Instructors, in Plastic Arts "March 13", San Antonio de los Baños.

“… His plastic work is defined by having a remarkable expressive force. The painting itself becomes the center in itself and calls for dialogue, emotion. The lines burst and take over the space, merging with the opposing textures, which are broken, perhaps structurally, but which go beyond the limits established by the frame of the piece ... he uses the pretext of contradiction to generate an analysis personal. The visualization of his paintings occurs in a coherent process of constant experimental search. "

Text: The spontaneity of contradiction, by Kanaima Raña Santos (Lic. Art History)

Personal exhibitions:
2012. Divergence, Caracas, Venezuela. House of the Americas "José Martí".

Collective exhibitions:
2010. Altar to a Worker, Restaurarte project. La Escalera, Havana.
2011. Mass for a Guajiro, X Havana Biennial. Riviera Cinema.
2012. National Hall of Ephemeral Sculpture. Gallery C. Havana.
2013. Carbon Surcity, XI Biennial of Havana. Historical-Cultural Complex Fortaleza de la Cabaña. Havana.
2014. Salon of Cuban artists, gallery of the Hotel Alba Caracas, Caracas, Venezuela.
2015. Small format national salon, artupstair, Cuba, Spain.
2016. Art time, international group exhibition, Mexico, Cuba.
2017. Collective shows of Cuban artists, Jack Meier Gallery, Houston, United States.
2018. Prisms the color of the crisis, Artemorphosis, Zurich, Switzerland.
2019. 2020. There are more roads after the abyss, Antonia Eiriz Gallery, House of the Young Creator, Havana, Cuba.

Other data of interest:

2019. It was part of the catalog of ff.mediacorp, Miami, United States.
2020. Selected by the Bandittogallery gallery for a residency; Tuscany, Italy.
2021. Publication of the text: Order within chaos. Mallo's painting and its universal balance, by the artist and art critic Ángel Alonso.
2019-2020. He is currently working with Jack MeierGallery, Houston, and WileyGallery, Boston, both in the United States.

2021. Publication of the text: Mario González "Mallo". THE SPONTANEITY OF THE CONTRADICTION in CdeCuba ART MAGAZINE. Cuban art magazine. No.29 / 2021. ISSN 2603-7068.

His works are in private collections in countries such as: United States, Europe, Russia, Mexico, Chile, Canada and Argentina, in the latter collaborating with an Argentine writer, Gabriel Vacchelli on the cover of his novel that was presented in the last edition. of the Buenos Aires International Book Fair.

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