Collection: Edgar González Era

Edgar González Era is an artist and teacher from Cienfuegos, Cuba. Ever since he was a kid he was enrolled in a primary school for artists, and eventually went on to focus on teaching. He graduated from the Higher Pedagogical Institute in the city of Santa Clara in the specialty of plastic arts. He was a teaching professor at the School of Art Instructors (1999-2010).

His style in best known for his cubist paintings and still lives reminiscent of the Cuban vanguard. He seeks to understand how art is transformative and restorative to mental health. He tries to convey human values and virtues within his work, as he studies the relationship between people, body and spirit together.

With more and more cultural institutions in Cuba paying attention to his work, he is without an artists to invest in as his works will appreciate in value.

For more information refer to his Curriculum Vitae