Edgar González Era Curriculum Vitae

Edgar González Era, visual artist and teacher. Cienfuegos, Cuba 1971. He studied at the elementary school of plastic arts (1983-1986). Graduated from the Higher Pedagogical Institute in the city of Santa Clara in the specialty of plastic arts. He was a teaching professor at the School of Art Instructors (1999-2010).

To his credit there are 10 personal exhibitions and more than 35 group exhibitions. He has participated in international events such as HistarMed held in Havana in 2019 with a collective exhibition together with the artists Liset Echenique and José Manuel García Rebustillo, president of the jury to the international competition collateral to the event. He participated in the First International Online Event of Cultural and Creative Industries sponsored by the European community through the community project Trazos Libres, has also participated in the XX Scientific Conference on Art and Culture with the work “Citizen Education from Visual Arts Workshops for children and young people. " (2021); as well as in the VI International Event “Presencia de Paulo Freire” (May 2010). He has obtained several awards and mentions in exhibition halls in the cities of Santa Clara and Cienfuegos (1995-2005).

He is currently an independent artist and working as a teacher in the preparation of artistic teaching in adolescents for the School of Art.

Part of his work is found on a large scale in murals in the city of Cienfuegos, Cuba.

Many of his works are in private collections in some countries such as Cuba, the US, Canada, Germany, Belgium, France, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway and Peru.

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