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Oleos & Canvas



Oil on canvas, 2019

Dimensions: 100 x 70 cm / 39 x 27 in

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"Transcendence" by Lazaro Reinier Tamayo Jaime is an abstract work of art made of oil on canvas. 

This surrealistic artwork is infused with symbolism and an otherworldly quality. Set against a backdrop of a vivid, golden-orange sky with billowing clouds at sunset, it features several disjointed and fantastical elements that seem to float against the backdrop of the sky.

A prominent feature is a transparent bottle labeled "AÑEJO HAVANA" with a muscular figure atop it, wielding a staff with a peace symbol. This figure could represent a guardian or a deity, standing atop the bottle as if it's a pedestal or a shrine, which might suggest themes of spirit, transformation, or the intoxicating allure of power and peace.

To the right, a large cigar lays horizontally, with smoke rising and forming into a spectral figure, perhaps signifying the ephemeral nature of existence or the soul's ascension. Near the cigar, a swirling portal opens, revealing a lighthouse on a distant shore, a beacon in the hazy uncertainty of the scene.

Scattered throughout are smaller elements, including a bowl with a face, casting a shadow on the golden surface beneath, and a series of whimsical, stick-figure-like plants and animals dancing or in motion. These could represent life in its simplest forms, thriving amidst the surreal landscape.

The shadows cast on the golden surface by each element do not align with a single light source, adding to the surreal quality of the scene. The overall composition invites contemplation of the interconnectedness of spirit, nature, and the material world, framed within a dreamlike tableau that defies conventional reality. 

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