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De La Serie Los Pensadores (Niño Sobre Sarcofago)

De La Serie Los Pensadores (Niño Sobre Sarcofago)

Oil on canvas, 2019

Dimensions: 85 x 120 cm / 33 x 47 in

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"From The series The Thinkers (Child over Sarcophagus)" by Yasiel Alvarez Borges is a figurative work of art made of oil on canvas. 

This piece brings up imagery of two cultures, the ancient Egyptians and the Europeans of the middle ages.  It is a rediscovery of these two cultures and brings them in an open dialogue through a figurative style. It is perfection, down to the shading and to every single detail that meets the eye. 

"I am driven by the thirst of knowledge, and our ever changing society. This is why my works serve as a dialogue with time itself, and the experience that is acquired or future one" says Borges on his interview with Oleos & Canvas. 

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