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Oleos & Canvas

Proyecto # 1

Proyecto # 1

Oil on canvas, 2019

Dimensions: 83 x 112 cm / 33 x 44 in

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"Project #1" by Edgar González Era is a work of art made of acrylic on canvas in the cubist style of painting. 

The human being as the center of the composition, with a cubist vision, with refreshing colors and enriched by the different textures that it leaves in its process. A diagonal structural line suggesting advance, go ahead; betting on his future vision from the moment he decided to carry out his new project.

Since his first exposition on the year 2000, the artist Edgar González Era assumed that art would be a compromised to society thanks to its trans-formative labor. In going forward with his work, he give us a constant invitation to look inside our own interior. 

Taught by his grandmother Gloria González, he came to discover a world filled with sensations, colors, and sentiments that led him to love art. While her style was always based in realism and the landscapes, Edgar González Era choose the different path of Cubism. Sometimes synthetic, sometimes abstract, but always marked by a human quality of valor that is in search of the betterment of humanity.

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