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Oleos & Canvas

Levantando Vuelo

Levantando Vuelo

Acrylic and Collage on Canvas, 2022

Dimensions: 100 x 80 cm / 39 x 31 in

 "Taking Flight" by Alfredo Sosabravo. 

Alfredo Sosabravo captures the essence of movement and liberation within a traditionally static art form. The painting is dominated by an array of elements that suggest both literal and metaphorical flight, with wings, fins, and eyes converging in a dizzying array of patterns and colors. The central form resembles a bird poised for ascension, with its parts intricately designed with stripes, checks, and a collage of printed text, adding a narrative dimension to the visual experience.

The background is a vibrant blue, reminiscent of both sky and sea, which serves to underscore the theme of flight and freedom. The energetic swirls and dynamic shapes that populate the canvas are outlined in black, creating a strong visual contrast that adds to the overall sense of upward motion. Each component of the work, from the whimsically patterned fish to the eye-like motifs that draw the viewer in, contributes to the overarching sense of a spirited departure from the mundane into the realm of the fantastical. Sosabravo's "Taking Flight" is a celebration of movement, a kaleidoscopic vision that transcends the boundaries of the canvas.

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