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Oleos & Canvas

Sin Título (Serie Tamargones)

Sin Título (Serie Tamargones)

Oil on canvas, 2019

Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm / 20 x 28 in

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"Untitled" by Lazaro Reinier Tamayo Jaime is an abstract work of art made of oil on canvas. 

The word of "Tamorgano" es a neologism (newly coined term) that is the unique union of the artists last name Tamayo and with the vocabulary of "órgano" which is a fundamental characteristics of his creation. Dreamlike landscapes, towns populated by bioforms, and in occasion an exploration of the dreams and fantasies of the artists. The automatism psychic predominates over the work, what envelops is a different sort of language of symbols and organic forms. Coming forth from both the interior and external influences, and trying to represent the organic as the principal formation of reality. Joan Miro and Jean Arp are the artists constant inspiration and study for the experimentation of their work.  

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