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Oleos & Canvas

La Verdadera Muerte de Marat

La Verdadera Muerte de Marat

Acrylic on Canvas, 2017

Dimensions: 150 x 130 cm / 59 x 51 in

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"The True Death of Murat" by Agustín Hernández Carlos is a pop art piece made of acrylic on canvas. 

H. Carlos is a visual contemporary artists based out of Havana. He specializes in painting, sculpture and graphic design. He holds a post graduate degree from the University of Arts in Cuba (ISA). His work is collected worldwide with a strong presence in the U.S, Germany, and France. 

As one of the few experimental pop artists from Cuba, he takes inspiration from iconic symbols of contemporary culture such as Coca Cola and puts them in context with greater social issues. 

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