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La Essencia de lo bello, de la serie Rostros de Africa

La Essencia de lo bello, de la serie Rostros de Africa

Oil on canvas, 2023

Dimensions: 70 x 50 cm / 28 x 19 in

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"The Essence of What is Beauty " by Renier Cabrera Marrero is a portrait made of oil on canvas. 

The artwork is a portrait of a figure against a dark background, bringing focus to the subject. The figure is depicted with a rich array of colors and details that suggest a cultural or ceremonial significance.

The subject wears a headdress with intricate patterns in yellow, red, and white, which frames the face and cascades down on either side. The facial features are marked with bold, symmetrical lines and shapes that echo the colors and patterns of the headdress, hinting at traditional face painting customs.

This figure also dons a multi-layered necklace composed of beads in warm shades of orange, red, and yellow, which adds to the regal and dignified presence. The attire is similarly vibrant, with bold, contrasting colors and patterns that draw the eye.

The attention to detail in the artwork, from the texture of the skin to the individual beads and the striking use of color, creates a sense of depth and dimensionality. The subject's gaze is direct and compelling, conveying a sense of strength and confidence. The overall effect is one of beauty and cultural richness, inviting viewers to reflect on the identity and story behind the portrayal.

In one of his more notable series, Renier Cabrera Marrero spent an entire year painting exclusively portraits of black women in traditional African garbs to represent the African roots that run deep in Cuban society. 

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