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Oleos & Canvas

Dibujos Durante Covid 9

Dibujos Durante Covid 9

Ink on Art Paper, 2022

Dimensions: 50 x 30 cm / 19 x 12in

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From the Series "Drawings During Covid" Number 9 by Lazaro Reinier Tamayo Jaime is an abstract work made of ink and art paper. 

Being a painter in Cuba is hard. There is intense competition, a wealth of talent, and beyond that huge expectations to carry on a country’s legacy that is so vibrant. Now add to all of this that it is a 3rd world country. If that wasn’t bad enough, try living through Covid there.

This was the experience of Lazaro. Unable to buy paint during the pandemic, he dedicated to the craft he could, penmanship. These series of drawings we present were all done in art paper and ink during a time in which he could not paint.

When stripped down to the basics, it is only true masters that can shine. Reduced to one tool, one color, Lázaro started making sketches of future artworks that ended up becoming the piece itself.


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