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Oleos & Canvas

En Camino a La Jungla Encontre Akuko Lam

En Camino a La Jungla Encontre Akuko Lam

Mixed Media on Canvas, 2020

Dimensions: 80 x 120 cm / 32 x 44 in

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"In The Way to the Jungle I Encoutred Akuko Lam" by Francisco Gordillo. 

The artwork presents a complex and mystical scene that appears deeply connected to the theme of Olokun, the deity of the deep ocean in the Yoruba religion, often associated with the unknown depths of the ocean, wealth, and the source of life.

The image is dominated by a central, large, open-mouthed figure that can be interpreted as a representation of Olokun, who is often depicted with attributes of the sea. Surrounding this figure are various serpentine creatures that could symbolize the vast and diverse marine life that inhabits Olokun's underwater domain. These serpents are rendered in an array of colors and patterns, with scales and textures that suggest a rich underwater ecosystem.

Inside the open mouth of the central figure is a face, possibly alluding to the deity's human aspect or presence, reinforcing the idea of Olokun being a bridge between the natural and supernatural worlds. The surrounding patterns and symbols may represent the aquatic flora or the spiritual iconography associated with Olokun, emphasizing their power and dominion over the sea.

The colors are muted, with blues, browns, and grays evoking the shadowy depths of the ocean. The use of light and shadow creates a sense of depth, further enhancing the underwater atmosphere. The overall composition suggests a dreamlike vision of Olokun's realm, full of mystery, majesty, and the potent forces of nature. 

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