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Oleos & Canvas

De la serie: Mapas de Cuidad II

Ernesto Peña Pou, Painting, Abstract, Acrylic on canvas, width 60cm height 50cm, 2012

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"From the series: Maps of the City II" by Ernesto Peña Pou is an abstract work of art made of acrylic over canvas. 

When I paint I give the absolute liberty of stroke, I paint without premeditation, without conditioning, only I give myself into the joy of painting which flows through me and makes me part of this world. it is a pleasant journey and indescribable for it is an experience surrounded by mysticisms and the unfathomable. I am the observer of my own sensations, and at the same time I am what is captured on the canvas. I transform myself in the gesture, the line, the color, and so I realize myself as being which pretends to talk of the ineffable, of that life that cannot be captured, and the magic in which we all live. 

Ernesto Peña Pou.