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Oleos & Canvas

Barca, Serie Barcas

Barca, Serie Barcas

Oil on canvas, 2019

Dimensions: 100 x 150 cm / 39 x 59 in

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"Rowboat, from the Series of Boats" by Luis Enrique Soca. Standing at width "100 cm" by height "150 cm" it is a figurative painting over canvas.

"Weathered as if time were a century, leaning against the motionless and immovable stone on the beach, supported the loneliness of her abandonment and allowing her skin to be washed away by the water. On the sides, the monumental rocks gathered as if guarding their involuntary presence, they maintain their careful watch during the rain and the waves, and if the tide rises, they lose their importance.

In the background the indifferent and busy sky, gathering clouds to give color to the infinite close to the horizon that is lost in the distance. While the boat rusted by time continues its imaginary path through the tide, which sometimes calms down, but will angrily always rise eventually." Guatemala, April 17, 2014. René Fonseca Borja

All of Luis Enrique Soca's paintings are unique creations and designs made by himself. They are one of a kind art pieces representative of his artistry. To purchase one of his works is to invite the stillness of life and perfectly preserved nature into your home, to remind you of brighter days ahead and of a corner of life which can only be preserved by the finest of painters.

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