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Apuntando a la Diana

Apuntando a la Diana

Acrylic and Collage on Canvas, 2022

Dimensions: 90 x 65 cm / 35 x 25 in

"Taking Aim at the Target" by Alfredo Sosabravo.

This work presents a riot of colors and shapes that energize the canvas. The composition features a central figure adorned with a patterned hat, the polka dots and stripes offering a playful contrast to the solid colors surrounding it. This figure’s face is a complex interplay of geometric shapes, with each segment meticulously defined by bold black outlines that lend a graphic quality to the image. The eye, detailed with careful attention, provides a focal point amidst the surrounding swirls and angular motifs.

The surrounding elements in the painting are just as vibrant, with spirals, stripes, and checkerboard patterns contributing to the tapestry of textures. The background is divided into blocks of bold color - blues, greens, pinks, and oranges - each area bordered with stitched-like lines that suggest a collage effect. Droplet shapes float around the figure, adding a sense of movement to the scene. The careful arrangement of color and pattern in Sosabravo’s work creates a visual harmony, making this piece a vivid example of his signature aesthetic.
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