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Apostolado de la tribulación Carnal

Apostolado de la tribulación Carnal

Acrylic on Canvas, 2021

Dimensions: 110 x 100 cm / 39 x 43 in

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"Apostolate of Carnal Tribulation" by Christian del Rio. It is a figurative artwork measuring 100 by 120 cm. 

The image depicts an artwork with a vibrant, textured background in hues of orange, red, and green. It features several figures; the central figure appears to be a silhouette of a person with a raised arm and a pronounced shadow, giving a sense of movement or dance.

To the right, there are two more figures that seem to be suspended in mid-air, their bodies contorted gracefully, almost appearing as if they are floating or engaged in an aerial dance. Above these figures, there is what looks like a bird with its wings spread wide.

On the left side, a contrasting figure in dark shadow with glowing eyes stands out forming a mystical presence. Beneath the central figure is a small, solitary house with a simple pitched roof, which seems distant and small in comparison to the dynamic activity above it. 


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