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Oleos & Canvas



Acrylic and Collage on Canvas, 2022

Dimensions: 75 x 75 cm / 29 x 29 in

"Lovers" by Alfredo Sosabravo.

Alfredo Sosabravo's artwork is a vibrant tapestry of cubist abstraction, marked by a confluence of bold colors and dynamic geometric forms. The piece displays a rich palette, dominated by blues, greens, oranges, and reds, used with such intensity that they seem to pulsate with life. The figures within the composition are abstracted, with exaggerated and stylized features that draw the eye, particularly the oversized eyes that command attention. The application of color and form here is not just aesthetic; it communicates a deep-seated vibrancy reflective of human emotions.

The painting is further enriched by the inclusion of collage elements, which introduce a textural contrast to the smooth painted areas, creating a layered and tactile experience. These fragments of the real world, embedded within the abstract, suggest a narrative element and invite viewers to explore the relationship between the tangible and the imagined. Sosabravo's artistry in blending these techniques showcases his ability to transcend traditional art forms, offering a piece that is not only visually arresting but also intellectually stimulating.

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