Collection: Erick González Díaz

They say that no one is a prophet of their own lands, and yet because of his hard work and dedication Erick González has become the entire pride of a people in the small fishing village of Caibarien, located in the outskirts of Santa Clara Cuba. "I feel as if the son of my land. My village has an important artistic aesthetic and it is of vital importance that all of my work reflects that"  

 The abstract world is the medium of expression that he uses for informal conversation, that proposes a different reality using a language of forms, colors, and lines that constitute the standard of his physical artwork. He has managed this after years of evolution and paying attention to the material element of his painting. He is inspired by the vanguard of Cuban artists that came before him and the important international artists like Kandinsky and Pollock.

For more information refer to his Curriculum Vitae