This is the painting of Yoanis Gil

If we look towards the sea that hits the coastline of our coasts with its waves, we notice the circular rhythm of this constant movement.

This is how Yoanis Gil's painting is, full of subjective lines and colored fillings that run through the entire two-dimensional surface in all of his work. The human figure appears as the main motif, in a constructive distortion that mixes with exuberant flora and fauna, to give us a harmonious and highly suggestive set.

Here the postulate is fulfilled where there is harmony between man, animals and plants. With a very fresh art and with great humanistic connotations that reveal the inner world of this artist, that recreates a world where the everyday is wonderful in a sui generis plane that this painter shows us.

By José Ramón Ley Hernández

More of her artworks in this link

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