Statement on the work of Yovany Enriquez

Yovany Enriquez chooses a different time to the one he lives to capture the ancestral scenes, he recreates his work with a romance influence (second half of the 19th century) where he highlights the frivolous landscapes with leafless trees in most cases, in autumn conditions; with characters where their clothes are enriched with costumes and mystical elements.

"Romanticism" is found neither in the choice of themes nor in their exact truth, but in the way of feeling. It is the most recent and current expression of its beauty, intimacy, spirituality, color and tendency to infinity, expressed by the means of drawing and the principles of pictorial techniques through layers of glazes, achieved with analogies of colors or triads. with a cold spectrum, although in some cases it uses warm colors neutralized by the technique it manipulates.

The revival of the modern era is represented by essentially romanticism (feelings, colors, are chosen by individualism). It consists of a form of sensitivity that glorifies the individual within an intimate and isolated circumstance of civilization. Delacroix said that romanticism was "the free manifestation of personal impressions of it." He defends the superiority of feeling over reason, and for this reason he exalts sensitivity, imagination and passions. More than as a pictorial style, it must be conceived as a spiritual movement.

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