Statement by the artist Juan Brouwer

The following Statement has been issued by Juan Brouwer regarding abstraction and his development as an artist. 

Theorizing about abstraction could be trite after 100 years of devoted and committed experts to this manifestation. How much has not been already said and in how many ways the subject will not have been discussed? That’s why I find more appropriate to discuss the subject from my personal experience.

Abstraction has always been my main focus, both before and after my Academy of Fine Arts graduation, mainly due to the way I feel and perceive the world. I always knew, even though I had logically to go through the academic phase at San Alejandro School, that it was my world and my fourth-year assignments were focused on this painting school.

Throughout my career, I have gone through several stages of theoretical and practical study, primarily of American schools. Focused on experimentation, I went through several stages…I understood at the time that to fully understand and paint in abstract form, it is best to make a revision to the experience itself, or the process of painting. While doing this, it was also important for me to avoid running the risk imitating the work of others, all while developing a personal style of my own.

As far as the abstract is concerned, I think the best way to judge a work is to see it in site, since many subtle details escape a cold, digital image. In my current stage, I make little use of the brush, which could seem frivolous, makes all the difference. A hundred years ago in abstract work, the subtleties are the details that make the piece stand out. When you take into account the painters’ style, the use of color, and extra-artistic tools leads to a different result. While there are many ways to consume and enjoy art, the best way to judge is to see it live.

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