"Rachel, the female figure and her canvases"

"Rachel, the female figure and her canvases"

During the long period of confinement caused by Covid 19, the long-haired young promise of the plastic arts Rachel Pérez Troncoso gave free rein to her imagination and creativity and did not stop her brushes and watercolors to capture on canvas the most beautiful of the creations of Nature: Women, in a series of several pieces.

Achieving an explosion of colors and between flowers, butterflies, insects and shells is the female figure in medium and large format works that overflow with a very special sensitivity and a close, subtle and poetic reverie interrelation with a whole world of natural forms, being very recurring in his canvases and cardboards.

The sensual line and the baroque arabesque coexist, while delimiting, the multiple areas of bright, diluted colors that explode in overwhelming multiplicity, obtaining a very peculiar graphic quality.

The artist insists on bringing us her inner world as a possible alternative to build ourselves ethically in our loving relationship with the environment, in the midst of a hostile and bleak contemporary panorama.

Rachel does not cease to attract us to the motif of the female figure, but now with the theme of procreation, pregnancy and abortion embodied in another series of works from her point of view.

The artist makes illustrations and the cover of the book "Brisas del Estío" by the author Dania Turró will be presented soon at the Mayabeque Book Fair. It is a book of youth poetry and contains 7 illustrations made on cardboard and acrylic in a 30 x40 format and some of his works will be presented in a collective exhibition of long-haired plastic artists that will take place on February 25 at the Casona Sur Art Gallery. in greeting to the 12th anniversary of the Mayabeque province and the 255th anniversary of the founding of San Juan de Melena or Melena del Sur.

By Rita Cecilia Estevez

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