Personal exhibition Orantes de la Luz by Eduardo de la Cruz Guerra.

Eduardo de la Cruz Guerra has been making portraits for fourteen years. For him light is peace, joy, communication, harmony, health and all the positive energy that it gives off, hence the name of his personal exhibition Orantes de la luz that is exhibited at the Casona Sur Art Gallery.

At the inauguration of his exhibition, represented by 7 oils and acrylics on large-format canvas, Eduardo had the opportunity to dialogue with the public present about his work.

Eduardo is an artist who works always thinking about the well-being of the human being, of society and fundamentally of the people who need it.

As the painter tells us, when it comes to raciality, he thinks of all those people in Africa who are in need of that light and peace.


His future dreams are to continue his project of ¨Portraits of a civilization¨, of which this series of Orantes de la Luz is part.

The sample will be on display at the Casona Sur Art Gallery until January 20, an institution that is now also his home, like that of so many plastic artists from the Mayabeque province.

By Rita Cecilia Estévez Cortés
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