How to Find Inspiration With Art

How to Find Inspiration With Art

The following essay"Painting is my Temple" written by  Sofia Urra Rivadeneira speaks to how she finds inspiration from  Pichardo artwork.

Nurieski Pichardo is a Cuban artist tells us that when he works, he likes his art to have a simple design but to contain a message of spirituality with which people can identify. His parents discovered his ability to paint when he was a child. "I think it was something innate. I always had that restlessness, which through years of practice has become an essential part of my life," he says. He is characterized as an artist who likes preciousness and cares a lot about aesthetics. "My work has a style between the hyper-realistic and the academic."

 “When I paint, I feel like I am transported to another place, another dimension. If I had to define painting in a single word, it would be: Salvation". He considers painting the refuge that provides him with security in difficult moments. "At that key moment when I am in front of the painting, I channel all my energy and feelings. F
or me, using the brush and colours is a way to feed the soul. It is the best thing that God or life could give me" with these words, he expresses the fundamental role that painting has in his life.

"The time and place where I work is my temple. It is that intimacy between me and the work that I consider a spiritual moment, something sacred and comforting." He is proud to be known as a plastic artist, although he never gives up on learning new things. He points out that he is grateful to God for the fact that painting is the way he performs in life. “I have gone through situations in my life that have prevented me from sitting down to work, but after it passes and I manage to do it again, it is like a kind of reward that I make to myself, to my soul.”

"I am inspired by feelings such as love, the improvement of the human being, and in many cases simply convey beauty."

By Sofia Urra Rivadeneira
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