Fragmented Reality by Juan Brouwer

The concept of change… The idea arises from a personal investigation about Zen Buddhism and the change in life in various aspects. The cyclical factor of humanity, of social relations could be compared to a wheel in motion, hence I try to reflect in my work that coming and going, not being static and the change or transition from one state to another. Just as the seed becomes a tree and is returned to us as a dying leaf, or the beginning of human existence, starting from the mere and simple ejaculation that fertilizes and becomes life, grows, develops and leaves the earthly plane with it end of his days.

One of the principles of Zen refers to the fact that everything we observe changes, it is aimed at downplaying the ego, reminding us that everything is temporary. This example illustrates how in Zen Buddhism there is a clear feeling of change. The elements of our universe are not immutable, if not changeable and that is what I have wanted to reflect in my work, this scoop is represented by textured, tactile and visual surfaces, making a parable with music the less dense spaces would come to represent the silence and areas rich in textures, clusters ... this way of doing refers us to the previously exposed concept, taking as principle the concept of simplicity, moving away from ornament and flourish, seeking to free it from the superfluous to clearly represent the aforementioned principle.

Juan Brouwer - Dec / 18/2020
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