This visual representation deals with the art of new forms and the subject is excluded. It describes the apparent intention not to represent concrete beings or objects. On the other hand, only elements of various shapes, colors, structure or proportion are contemplated, where the background-figure relationships almost never seem to matter. I use a language where freedom is reflected above all in the use of composition and chromaticism, I represent expressive situations that his model does not refer to the similar known or to photographed scenes of our reality. There are as many universes and situations in them as life and its surprises, for an always naive man who runs restlessly, some get lost in these labyrinths without finding the end in this type of artistic representation. The FESTIVALS is the main theme in this work, inspired by the first joys that we met during the springs of adolescence, sometimes misunderstood for colliding with the rebellion of those years lived on the largest island in the magical Caribbean, the old and beautiful bride San Cristóbal de La Habana where the long repeated speeches always coincide under the most reckless sun, the infinite goals and promises, dreams, love and waves.
The result of the creation was possible to the analysis of various previous forms of formal representation that I used as a matter of expression and it greatly postpones what today I manifest and dedicate in them practically. Total importance to the life that I have to live, to this insular space full of discussions and rebellion, to all its moments of change, to fill many spaces in our lives and canvases with other themes that differ from those of today at the time of this crazy and outgoing career, representing something highly evaluated and pure with the passion that inspires every moment and in every space represented.
I always feel the need to make art and when I do it is very fun and I give many hours to this activity and although I feel tired from so many hours dedicated, I enjoy the work process that I think works almost automatically, as if someone else helped and was another conspirator that dictates the ideas and the good energies that I advocate in each square area composed of gestures and pure colors.
With this short and brief exposition, I propose that the final result be to spread cultural riches inherited from a whole history of incredible GRAPHIC and literary values, emotions, joys and full happiness like life itself to all those who curiously stumble in front of each one of them. they. When we talk about influences we touch points related to "monsters of universal and national art" from which we believe we receive their airs, I do not want to mention any, they do not need it, they are already there and I know that they will be forever present like ants in the honey that he pours from his vessel and remains ...
Lic. Esteban A. Leyva Espinosa
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