"Open Hapiness" by Agustín Hernández Carlos

"Open Hapiness" by Agustín Hernández Carlos

The reality of Cuban life is marked by challenges, notably magnified in the aftermath of a devastating pandemic. In these times of strife, art often emerges as a beacon of hope and reflection. Amongst this backdrop, Agustín Hernández Carlos presents "Open Happiness," a sliver of red hope amongst the chaos of daily life. 

"Open Happiness" is Carlos's latest solo show, which delves into the interplay of commercial culture and artistic expression in contemporary society, using the iconic brand, Coca Cola, as a lens. Beyond its visual appeal, the exhibition acts as a respite, designed to provide relief from the pervasive stress of the cruel reality of Cuban life. It challenges us to reflect on consumerism, icons, and the intricacies of a rapidly globalizing culture.

The exhibition probes into Coca-Cola's vast influence on global society, spanning diverse countries and cultures. Through striking visuals, Carlos sparks a conversation about the brand's complex role in today's world. The title "Open Happiness" is borrowed from Coca-Cola's 2009 campaign by Wieden + Kennedy, a call to savor life's ephemeral joys. Within this narrative, the iconic Cuban resilience is emphasized, even in adversarial times.

Carlos portrays Coca Cola not just as a symbol of Western cultural proliferation but as a testament to its adaptability. His visuals depict Coca-Cola seamlessly integrated into varied settings—from Asian and African hamlets to bustling European and Latin American metropolises. Such imagery prompts contemplation: Are we witnessing cultural colonization or genuine assimilation?

The exhibition elucidates a nuanced interplay. Brands, while absorbed, undergo metamorphosis, facilitating a dialogue between local and global identities. The exhibition urges viewers to consider the ethical dimensions of this globalization dynamic, underlining our dual responsibilities as consumers and as shapers of culture. The curation by Maybel Elena Martínez and Yahima Rodríguez Pupo deserves mention. Their spatial arrangement elevates Carlos's artistic narrative, providing coherence and engagement.

In essence, "Open Happiness" is not just a visual critique but a meditation on global giants'— epitomized by Coca-Cola—impact on our daily lives. It serves as a reminder of the importance of cherishing life in all its myriad forms and embodies the indomitable spirit Cuba is renowned for.

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