Journey to the Island 2022

Journey to the Island 2022

On August 8th, 2022, in the vibrant city of Toronto, Oleos & Canvas celebrated its relaunch with the unveiling of the "Journey to the Island" exposition. This curated event was deeply influenced by the essence of Magical Realism and served as a platform to highlight the tenacity, spirit, and remarkable talent of contemporary Cuban artists.


We're deeply appreciative of Internations for their steadfast support and commendable role in promoting this exposition. Their involvement significantly enhanced the event's reach and influence.

Facing numerous challenges, including the sharp decline in tourism in 2019 and economic hardships, these Cuban creatives never wavered. Their determination and unwavering spirit allowed them to consistently craft art that inspires and captures the soul. 


Oleos & Canvas, founded by the passionate Marcos Mena Cruz, is more than just an art gallery; it's a continuation of a cherished family legacy that aims to foster a deeper connection between Cuban and Canadian artistic landscapes. Each artwork on display during this event was a testament to the artist's unique creativity and painted vivid tales of hope, dreams, courage, and resilience that transcends boundaries.

Featured Artworks: 

Introspeccion Ante un Espejo by Liliana Cortina Rosabal

La Fuga by Raylven Friman 

Tsunami by William Chavez

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