The story of Erick and abstraction in Villa Clara

Erick González Díaz




Erick González Díaz, Plastic Artist







Graduated from the “Samuel Feijoo Academy” 2001. 

YEAR 1998:
Collective exhibitions:
"Love me 98." Caibarién Leopoldo Romañach Gallery.

YEAR 2000
Personal exhibitions:
"Genesis". Caibarien.
Collective exhibitions:
"Genesis". Santa Clara. José Martí Provincial Library. Villa Clara.
Marina Caibarién Room Leopoldo Romañach Gallery.

YEAR 2001
Personal exhibitions:
"Ghosts." UNEAC headquarters. Ciego de Avila.
"Grotto I". Santa Clara.
"Grotto II". Sagua La Grande.

Collective exhibitions:
"Estate". Caibarien.
Santa Clara Student Hall.
Santa Clara Provincial Hall.

YEAR 2002
Personal exhibitions:
"Ghost". Guamo Santa Clara Group.
"In Three and Two". Remedies
Preparation of the Mural for the Science and Technology Forum. Caibarien.
Preparation of the Mural for the National Vapor Festival. Caibarien.
In Three and Two. Caibarien

Collective exhibitions:
“The world is Ánsi. Caibarienv, Marina room.

Awards and mentions
Mention in the Blue Huron Hall sponsored by the FCBC.
First Prize Manicaragua Provincial Hall

YEAR 2003
Personal exhibitions:
"Drops of Moments". Leopoldo Romañach Art Gallery
"Close Encounters". Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets
"Awakening of the Light in Paths of Dreams". Canarian Association of Cuba. Havana

Collective exhibitions:
Member of the Project: "Paradigm and Freedoms" sponsored by the Provincial Council of Plastic Arts.
Aquino Room. Caibarien

Awards and mentions
Mention Bernabé Aquino Hall. Caibarien.

YEAR 2004
Collective exhibitions:
Marina room. Caibarien

YEAR 2005
Personal exhibitions:
"Holding an Image". Güines Burned Art Gallery.
Collective exhibitions:
Huron Azul Room.

YEAR 2006
Personal exhibitions:
"Shadows of the I". Leopoldo Romañach Art Gallery. Caibarién and Carlos Enríquez Art Gallery. Remedies
Collective exhibitions:
Marina room
Provincial Salon of Plastic Arts. Provincial Council of Plastic Arts. Santa Clara.

YEAR 2007
Personal exhibitions:
Concubine of Art Personal Project ”2007.

Collective exhibitions:
Salon Marina 2007.

YEAR 2008
Awards and mentions
Second Prize Marina Caibarién Hall.

YEAR 2009
Awards and mentions
UNEAC Aquino Hall Award and Mention.
UNEAC Marina Salon Award.
Mention Marina Caibarién Hall.

YEAR 2010
Collective exhibitions:
50 Anniversaries of Girón CPAP.

YEAR 2012
Collective exhibitions:
Collective Exhibition Tribute to the Cuban Vanguard CPAP.

YEAR 2013

Collective exhibitions:
Polyglot and Salado. UNEAC Caibarién.

YEAR 2014
Collective exhibitions:
Marina room.

Awards and mentions
Mention Marina Caibarién Hall

YEAR 2015
Collective exhibitions:
Escala UNEAC Room.
Provincial Hall and Marina Hall.

Awards and mentions
UNEAC Award, Salón Marina, Galería Gelabert Headquarters of the UNEAC Caibarién.

YEAR 2016
Collective exhibitions:
Collective Expo Tribute to the artist Luis Hernández, Art Gallery, Caibarién.
Collective Expo "Incoherences" Casa de la Cultura Remedios.
Collective Expo "Diligencia en Caibarién" in homage to Commander Fidel Castro. Leopoldo Romañach Gallery
Carlos Enríquez Room, Gallery of Art. Remedies
32 Marinas Hall, Caibarién.
Awards and mentions
Second prize, Salón MarinaCaibarién.

YEAR 2017
Collective exhibitions:
Dissimilar and Coincident, headquarters of the UNEAC Caibarién.
Landscape Expo "Lanscape" Caibarién Art Gallery
Collective Expo, "24 per second", Oscar Fernández Morera Art Gallery, Santi Spíritus.
Carlos Enríquez Room Art Gallery, Remedios.
CPAP Provincial Room, Tribute to the Cuban Vanguard.
Marina Hall, UNEAC Headquarters, Caibarién

Awards and mentions
Mention Provincial Hall sponsored by the CPAP Tribute to the Cuban avant-garde.
Mention Marina Hall, UNEAC Caibarién Headquarters
Collateral awards to the Marinas Hall, María Escobar Laredo Museum and Caibarién House of Traditions
Heritage Project Award and Carlos Enrique Remedios Salon Mention.

YEAR 2018
Personal exhibitions:
Personal Expo ¨Between Landscape and Abstraction¨ UNEAC Caibarién
Personal Expo ¨Abstractum¨ week of culture Remedios, House of culture March 2018.

Collective exhibitions:

Carlos EnriquezRemedios Room.
Collective Expo "Between us" Abstract Art UNEAC, Caibarién

YEAR 2019
Personal exhibitions:
Personal expo in tribute to Paul Cezanne, UNEAC Remedios Subsidiary.

Collective exhibitions:
Marina Room, Caibarién
First Edelso Machado landscape salon sponsored by the FCBC with headquarters in CPAP.

Awards and mentions
Mention in the Carlos Enríquez Remedios Room.

YEAR 2020
Personal exhibitions:
Eclosión personal expo. Gelabert Gallery. UNEAC. Caibarien
Collective exhibitions:
Requiem for a Punk. Leopoldo Romañach Gallery. Caibarien
Carlos Enríquez Provincial Room. Remedios Art Gallery.
"Joint". UNEAC headquarters. Remedios (Culture Week)
Awards and mentions
First Prize at the show: "Carlos Enríquez", Remedios.
First Prize Marina Salon 2020

His works are in:

Pedraplén Cayo Santa María History Room, Caibarién 2001
Pepe Medina Santa Clara Bookstore.
Coastal Monitoring Station Caibarién 2002.
Mirador de Buenavista Remedios Villa Clara Tourist Center.
UN Headquarters in Cuba 2002.
La Caridad Santa Clara Theater.
Permanent Exhibition of the María Escobar Laredo Caibarién Museum 2002.
Private collections in Cuba, England, Germany, New York, Brazil, USA and Spain.
Provincial Council of Plastic Arts. Villa Clara
Hotels Cayería Norte de Villa Clara

He has contributed in the formation of young talents for the entrance of the Academy of plastic arts based in Santa Clara as well as in the collaboration of several projects convened by the UNEAC and the CPAP, he was a member of the AHS. Currently he gives workshops to young people interested in entering art school supporting their high school. In 2019 he taught the second year of teaching in the specialty of drawing at the Provincial Academy of Plastic Arts. He performs his work as curator and assembly technician at the Leopoldo Romañach Art Gallery in Caibarén. The contribution to new proposals and solutions to the pre-theses of students who finish their studies at the Provincial Academy has been of great importance. He has participated in provincial events such as the Ramón Event and Eco Arte.

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