Juan Brouwer Curriculum Vitae

Initiation in Artistic Activity:

1997-2001 Graduated from the San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts in the specialty of Painting and Drawing.

Personal Exhibitions:

2021 Expo Metáforas de la Ciudad ”Servando Gallery. Havana Cuba.

2019 Expo "Infinite City" Amelia Gallery, Hotel Habana Libre, Havana, Cuba.

2015 Expo "Absolute Geometry" 12 Biennial of Havana, Giraluna Cultural Space, Havana, Cuba.

2012 "Links" Bi personal Exhibition, Hotel Plaza.

2003 Expo "Of the possible", Gallery Nemesio Antúnez Memorial House - Salvador Allende, Havana, Cuba.

2001 Expo -Tesis de Grado, Artist's House, Vedado, Havana, Cuba.


Collective exhibitions:

2021 Virtual Expo - Brushstrokes of Love - Domingo Ravenet Gallery.

2021 1st International Virtual Exhibition in Tribute to Mariano - “Como Gallo Fino” Mariano Rodríguez Gallery

2021 All Abstracts Virtual Exhibition -Art Center Gallery -Holguín.

2020 At Home- Belkis Ayón Gallery. Experimental Center of Visual Arts.

2020 April Abstract- Belkis Ayón Gallery. Experimental Center of Visual Arts.

2020 Virtual Collective Exhibition - Art Page - Argentina - Chile- Cuba- France-Morocco-Peru- Serbia - Ukraine.

2020 Art in Confinement- Belkis Ayón Gallery. Experimental Center of Visual Arts. December 10 to January 10, 2020.

2020. Carmelo González Gallery - In Situ Virtual Collective Exhibition- September - October.

2020- March. Guest Artist - Estudio 50 Gallery
.. Javier Guerra (Icons)

2019 In continuum --Carmelo González Gallery.

2019 Gemeinsam - (Together) Gallery - Cuba Pavilion.

2019 Inauguration of the Gallery of Abstract Art - Estudio Habana.

2019 - Expo COLLECTIVE ART SHOW Van Gogh Art Gallery Madrid, September 2019

2019 - Collaboration with Van Gogh Art Gallery Madrid, Salzburg Austria International Art Fair (SIAF).

2019-He collaborates with the magazine Cuba Plus Internacional and a selection of his work becomes part of its private collection.

2019 - Art 23 collective expo Habana Libre framed in the collateral events of the XIII Biennial of Havana. Belkis Ayón Gallery. Experimental Center of Visual Arts. April 18 to May 12, 2019.

2019 - Itinerant exhibition project of the works in the Cuba Plus International catalog: Collective exhibition at the San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts May 22

2019 - Havana Biennial Collective Expo - Milagros Borges Residence (Art Dealer)

2014 - 100 Abstract Painters - Alba Cultural Center

2014 - Exhibition. "Outsider 1" Riera Estudio.

2014 Collective exhibition "Encounter of distant travels"
Revolution and Culture Magazine. Open Space Gallery.

2013 Collective exhibition "Dreams and Hope" Bohemia Magazine.
Decadoedro Gallery.

2004 Pieces donated to the “José Martí” Community Socio-Cultural Project

2004- Selection of the Jury VII Salon of Digital Art Centro Pablo de la Torriente Brau S / T Printing Technique: Plotter
size 105 by 103 cm.

2004 Expo “Algo más”, National Theater of Cuba, Sala Avellaneda, Havana, Cuba.

2003 Expo "Cuban Abstractions" Tina Modotti Gallery, Mella Cultural Complex, Havana, Cuba.

2003 Expo “Feria del Habano” Convention Center, Havana, Cuba.

2003 Expo "Plegarias", Latin American School of Medical Sciences, Havana, Cuba.

2000 Expo "Virtual Worlds" Gallery "Juan Marínelo", Institute

1989 Collective Expo - "Abraham Lincoln" Language School, Havana, Cuba.

A stage of his work was collected in the digital book "ABSTRACT PAINTING IN CUBA": 100 Cuban Painters, by Luis García Peraza, Editorial Boloña.

Part of his work is in private collections in Spain, Mexico, Japan, the United States, France, China, Great Britain, China, Italy and Cuba.

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