William Chavez Curriculum

William Chavez Curriculum

William Chavez was born on April 2, 1966 in Guira de Melena, Havana. Cuba Painter, engraver and self-taught craftsman. Member of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, he is linked to the Cuban fund of cultural goods and to the national registry of the creator of plastic arts. To mention some awards we have: 1984 - Provincial Cajío Landscape Meeting Awards. In the event held in 1980 of which he is founder, he was awarded from 1984 to 2000 almost consecutively. He has been playing the theme of landscape for years with different techniques of painting, engraving and drawing. He took great importance in events held in important halls of Havana where he was awarded in 1993 the Prize awarded by the UNEAC entitled "fables".

He was selected in 1993 to be part of the first collection of Grafica Cubana in Germany, after being selected in the national engraving hall by the LUDWING Foundation and by the collectors SCHREINER and PETER LUDWING. In 1999 he received the award for the first setting room "My Elegant Havana" taking the title "Gray Legend"; This award was awarded by the Maimieri plastic arts materials firm and sponsored by the BFC. In 1993 he donated a series of linoleum prints to the Casa de las Américas funds, which later became part of the “Nuestra América” collection. In his work with the BFC and the UNEAC, he has participated in mural projects and settings in tourist pole places, related to the education of the nickel industry and community projects. He has collaborations with the publishing house La Puerta de Papel, with illustrations and drawings of the books: En Busca del Unicornio, Beso que Rueda en la Sombra, Los Premios Habaneros of 1991, among others. He has work in important places in Germany, Spain, Holland, Russia, USA, Colombia, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada.

From its beginnings until 2008, he has contributed to the formation of the amateur movement of the Guira de Melena Municipality, from which artists have been integrated into the cultural and plastic life of the country.

Since its inception to date, he has participated and organized in group and personal exhibitions for the week of Cuban culture and Guirian culture, participating in the assembly and curation of the works.

selected and also in the conception of catalogs.

From 2003 to 2008 he has contributed in the field of teaching to the preparation for admission to middle schools and visual arts instructors March 13 and Eduardo Abela Villarreal from San Antonio de los Baños

In 2006 he took an exhibition with the title ´´The footprint of the beasts´´ series 2 in the model of Havana Miramar city of Havana.

In 2003 he illustrated the poetry book "2000 years after Christ" by the poet Ariel Alfonso with the cover and interior illustrations with the technique, ink drawing on cardboard.

In 2006 he was part of the collection of the visual arts promoter gallery "10/10", located in the DF, Mexico City and owned by the gallery owner Norman Valdavid. Later in 2007 he began a promotion on the Internet of the series of works "The action of time" with a number of 130 works.


1984 Provincial Landscape Meeting Award "Cajío" He was awarded in this event almost consecutively until 2000)

1987 Prize for the First Salon of Combat Art.

1988 Salon Award April 17.

1990 Poster Award for the Radio, Film and TV Festival. " Snail"

1992 Mention of Illustration "Jornada Cucalambeana"

1993 UNEAC “FABULAS” Award.

1993 Eduardo Abela Hall Award.

1994 Mention in Tribute to the Mexican Musician and Composer "Juventino Rosas Cadena"

1994 Eduardo Abela Salon Award.

1995 Eduardo Abela Hall Award.

1995 Mention Mirtha Serra.

1997 Cuban Fund for Cultural Assets Award "Eduardo Abela Room"

1998 Mention Eduardo Abela Hall.

1998 Prize in the Contest Tras la Huella de Sanz Carta. Sponsored by the Canarian Association of Cuba.

1999 Prize for the first “My Elegant Havana” Living Room, awarded by the plastic arts materials firm: MAIMIERI ”and the BFC.

2000 Second Prize at the Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets Hall.

2012 Recognition for being selected among the most outstanding artists of the year.

2012 Publication of a work from the personal Expo ´´A man who dreams from a blue portal´´ on the map of Mexico City, DF.

2012 Acknowledgment in the auction ´´Dejying tracks´´ for the donation of a work to benefit barefoot children sponsored by the Soumaya museum owned by Carlos Slim.

2019 Mention in the UNEAC Hall of the ARTEMIZA province

Personal Exhibitions

1989 Exhibition Graphics experiments. Municipal Museum of Güira de Melena.

2005 Personal exhibition with the collection: "La Huella de las Bestias", Model of Havana. Together with the plastic artist Juan Carlos Muños Alfonso.

2012 Personal exhibition “A man who dreams from a blue portal” Gallery 10-10 D.F México.

Collective exhibitions

Collective Exhibitions of Cuban Culture weeks in Güira deMelena, also participating in the curation of these exhibitions.

2003 Illustrates the Poetry book "2000 years before Christ" by the Poet: Ariel Alfonso.

2006 Collective Exhibition of Mexican and Cuban Artists of the 10/10 Gallery. Mexico.

2007 Collective Exhibition "They are also 12" of the UNEAC.

2007 Extravaganza Auction. La Galería 10/10 and Hotel Vesta Santa Fé. Federal District, Mexico.

2007 Auction of the 10/10 Gallery and General Motors (GMC) for the benefit of the INP. (27-4-2007)

2007 Collective Exhibition Hotel Vesta, Santa Fé and La Galería 10/10, Mexico Federal District.

2007 Central Abastos Auction and Gallery 10/10 México DF. (30-5-2007)

2007 FESORMEX Auction. Kite. Children's Museum and La Galería 10/10 (25-6-2007)

2007 Auction Mexico High School and La Galería 10/10 (06-27-2007)

2007 ACURA Pedregal Auction and La Galería 10/10 (8-9-2000)

2008 Collective Exhibition with the Collection “El Ciclo de la Tierra”. Emilio Rivero Merlin Gallery.

2008 Auction Mexico Secondary Institute and Gallery 10/10 (29-4-2008)

2008 Auction "Mexico-Colombia-Cuba". Organized by the Colombian Embassy in Mexico and the 10/10 Gallery. Hacienda "Los Morales". Mexico DF

2008 Collective Exhibition of Cuban Artists, exclusive store "CARRARA" Polanco, Mexico DF.

2008 Agricultural Auction, Centro Banamex and Gallery 10/10, Mexico DF.

2008 Auction "ACURA" and La Galería 10/10 to benefit: DIF of Oaxaca (16-10-2008)

2008 Pro Mazahua Auction, Club de Industrias and La Galería 10/10, Mexico City.

2008 Collective Exhibition of Cuban Artists, Gallery 10/10, Polanco, Mexico City.

2009 Revelation Collective Exhibition, "El Cotorro" Art Gallery. 10th Biennial of Cuban Art in Havana.

2009 Revelation Collective Exhibition, "Hotel Florida", 10th Biennial of Cuban Art in Havana.

2010 Exhibition of the National Hotel of Cuba for the launch of the promotional book Revelation

2010 Apolo Theater Cinema Exhibition on the 32nd anniversary of the new Latin American cinema with the play Los invidentes.

2011 Launch of the promotional book eleven Cuban Artists of the XXI Century REVELATION at the National Palace of Fine Arts. Mexico City DF.

2012 Participates in the Exhibition "THE FIFTH ELEMENT" in greeting to the CUBADISCO 2012 by donating the work The work entitled "METAMORPHOSIS OF THE STRINGS" to contribute with the prizes of the event. The piece awarded to the University of Veracruz Mexico.

2012 Exhibition with the revelation group at the saltillo museum with five oil-canvas works, with the titles ADAN and EVA, THE ARRIVAL OF THE ARGONAUTS, THE EARTH CYCLE, DIGITAL VERSION OF MANIPULATION AND THE HEOLIC COW.

2012 Exhibition with the revelation group at the Torreón museum. Mexico

2012 Collective exhibition of the Revelation group with Mexican Artists in the Hall ff the plastic in the embassy of Cuba in Mexico in greeting to the day of the Cuban culture.

2012 Collective exhibition Revelation group at the Harold Pape museum, Monclova, Mexico.

2012 Collective Expo Revelation group at the National Institute of Fine Arts, Chihuahua Mexico.

2012 Collective exhibition Emphasis for the benefit of the Environment, Emilio Rivero Merlin Gallery, Güira de Melena.

2012 Collective exhibition Street Angels, Emilio Rivero Merlin Gallery, Güira de Melena.

2013- Group exhibition Vertically Horizontal, Emilio Rivero Merlin Gallery, Güira de Melena.

2012- Personal Exhibition ´´A Man Who Thinks from a Blue Portal. Gallery 10-10 DF Mexico.

2014-Personal exhibition ´´The Cycle of the Earth´´ mexico monterrey. Apodaca history museum.

2015-Collective exhibition ´´SE OF A DARE PAINTER, TRIBUTE TO JOSÉ MARTI´´.

2015- Design and production of the poster for the collective exhibition ´´La Primera Colá´´, with the national plastic arts awards, within the framework of the Havana Biennial.


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