Curriculum of Denis Delgado Alemán

Denis Delgado German
Current place of work: Image III community project preceded by the artist Cecilio Avilés

Student Trajectory: he began studies at the “1ro de Enero” elementary school until 3rd grade, then he continued at the Emma Rosa Chuy elementary school until he reached 6th grade. At the middle school level, I studied at Luis Felipe Almeida secondary school finishing 9th grade.

Academic training: he started the Eduardo Gracia Delgado art instructors academy in the specialty of Plastic Arts for four years of study, graduating with a bachelor's degree in letters and artistic training in 2005 from said specialty. He completed his military service and in continuity of studies entered the University of Havana in the career of "Social Communication" in the CPT modality (course for workers) graduating satisfactorily.

Courses and Seminars: recognition for having passed the course on Basic Elements of Computer Security in 2012; and for the eighth international congress of Higher Education, the university awards him the certificate for participation in the course, "Quality of life of the education professional". He graduated from the language school "Rabindranath Tagore" in the English language.

Work History: As an art instructor, I worked at the Luis Felipe Almeida Basic High School for 4 years, specializing in Fine Arts, 2 years at the Salvador Allende Pre-Pedagogical School and then 2 years at the Salvador Allende Pre-Pedagogical School located on the same campus. school with another educational profile. In the house of culture he worked as a plastic arts specialist for a period of 3 years.

Participation in artistic creation:
2006 Creation group "42", performance activity in the street from G Vedado to Malecón.
2007 February 16, "Collateral" Collective Expo. Municipal center, of C.Culture.
2007 Prize at the First Painting Festival of the gallery of the house of culture in central Havana.
2008 Salon January 28, Juan M Rodríguez gallery, painting modality.
2009 Salon January 28 at the Boyeros Art Center Juan M Rodríguez de la Cruz; mixed technique plastic modality.
2010 Project "Thinking of us_others", ceramic mural entitled "A white rose". From the dragons popular council in collaboration with several Cuban plastic artists.
2012 Collective exhibition "Art for my Havana", House of Culture of Altahabana, group "Needle, Retal and Something More", painting modality.
2013 Collective exhibition "Spring" Hotel Vedado exhibition hall, group "Needle scrap and something else", painting modality.
2014 Group exhibition retal needle and something else, painting modality. Title: trilogy of pictures musical instruments.
2014 Personal exhibition Gallery "Amelia Peláez" title "Multiple intelligences" painting modality.
2014 Expressionism Hall, Antonia Eiris house. Painting mode. No title
2015 Personal exhibition at "Amelia Peláez" Gallery entitled "La Jaiba" painting modality.
2016 Collective exhibition Juan M. Rodríguez Gallery: entitled “One more step”.
2017 Salon January 28 at Juan M Rodríguez gallery. Drawing modality Title "I am revolution" (Mention).
2017 Salon City Without Limits Gallery ¨La Moderna¨ painting modality, Title ¨el ojo del ciclón¨.
2018 Martian Hall of Plastic Arts ¨January 28¨ XV edition, Painting modality ¨S/T¨
2018 Recognition for Body Art in community project Image # 3.
2018 XVI Hall of Painting and Drawing: ¨Combate¨ Painting modality ¨female face¨
2019 XVII Martian Hall of Plastic Arts ¨January 28¨ Painting modality ¨S/T¨
2019 Performance and Body Art, Art Factory
2019 All hands all ¨National unity seen through Martí's thought¨ Modality: painting: S/T
2019 The House Museum ¨Hurón Azul¨ in the XVII Hall of painting and drawing ¨Combat¨ Modality: painting ¨Persistence¨.
2020 Personal exhibition ¨Between Walls¨ Expocuba Culture Pavilion. Modality: Paintings

Awards obtained.
In 2007, Expo "collateral" 1st prize in the municipal hall of the house of culture, and third prize in the provincial hall with the same piece.
2008 Salón Habana, José Martí Memorial, painting modality, Title: “arriba”. Mention
2009 Salon January 28, at the Juan M Rodríguez de la Cruz Art Center of Boyeros; mixed technique plastic modality. T: "the last Supper." Second prize.
2014 Mention in Expressionism Hall, Casa Antonia Eiris: painting modality "S/Title"
2017 Mention in the Salon on January 28 at the Juan M Rodríguez Gallery.
2019 The House Museum ¨Hurón Azul¨ in the XVII Hall of painting and drawing ¨Combat¨ Modality: painting ¨Persistence¨. 1st prize

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