Liliana's Studies and formation


1985-86. He studied law in free courses at the University of Havana.

1988 she Graduated of French Language at the Abraham Lincoln School of Language.

1997 she has graduated from courses of therapy, body-mind and therapeutic techniques of Digital Puncture and Aesthetic Body Massage.

1993- 2000 she concluded the painting course at the 1 National Academy of Fine Arts of San Alejandro


1993 - Emblem of life and death, Art Gallery, La Moderna Poesía Bookstore, Old Havana.

1993 - Lucífugas Images, Art Gallery, Fernando Ortiz Bookstore, Vedado, Havana City.

1994 - Figurations from beyond, Art Gallery, Casa de la Cultura de Playa, City of Havana.

1995 - Astral Spells of my memory, Art Gallery, Marina Hemingway, Playa, Havana City.

1995 - Trapped in me, Art Gallery, Copacabana Hotel, Playa, Havana City.

1996 - Images of my interior, Art Gallery, House of infusions, Old Havana, Havana City.

1999 - 2000 Landscapes with enigmas, Art Gallery, Servando Ortiz Bookstore, Havana City.

2001- Ancestral Encounters I, Art Gallery, International Press Center, Vedado, Havana City

2001 - The forces of the occult, Art Gallery, House of Poetry, Office of the Historian.

2002- The force of the dark, Foundation of the new Latin American Cinema.

2002- The force of the hidden II, Gallery Lobby Cine Riviera.

2003- The impermanent of my body, Gallery, Raúl Martínez, Editorial, Cuban Letters, Palacio de Segundo Cabo.

2004- The impermanent of my body, Gallery of the Hotel Meliá Habana.

2005 - The empty space, Exhibition and performance, House in ruins, D, e / 3ra. and 5th., Vedado.

2005 - Egypt, Ancestral Paradise, House of the Arabs, Historian's Office, Old Havana.

2005 - Exhibition of paintings on Ancient Egypt, at the International Fair of Havana, sponsored by the Embassy of Egypt.

2005 - Participation and exhibition of paintings in the International Bazaar, held at the National Hotel.

2006 - The empty space II, Exhibition and performance, House in ruins, 31 and 10, Playa, Havana City.

2006 - Participation and exhibition at the International Fair of Havana.

2006 - Participation and exhibition of paintings at the International Bazaar, Hotel Nacional.

2007 - The Election. Hall of the Arches, Convent of Santa Clara. old Havana

2008 - The Election. Las Arenas Gallery, Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, Spain

2011 - Memories of an oblivion. El Templete restaurant. Historian's Office, Old Havana.

2011 - Memories of an oblivion. FCBC equity. Vedado. Havana city.

2011- Memories of an oblivion. England Hotel. Old Havana.

2013 - Performance. I play with masks. Las Carolinas, headquarters of the Grupo Danza Teatro Retazos. Office of the Historian of Havana.

2016 - Hotel Memories Miramar Habana


1992- Art Gallery, San Alejandro Provincial School of Plastic Arts, Havana City.

1992 - Art Gallery, Municipal Theater of Playa.

1993 - Art Gallery, Casa de la Amistad Exhibition Hall, Vedado.

2001 - A winter in Havana, Morro-Cabaña Complex, Havana City.

2002 - Marine Show, Domingo Ravenet Gallery, La lisa, Havana City.

2002 - From the garden, Imago Gallery, Gran Teatro de la Habana.

2003 - XII Erotic Art Salon, Mariano Rodríguez Art Gallery, Villa Panamericana.

2003 - Exhibition of landscapes, Fund of Cultural Assets.

2003 - Contemporary Cuban painting. Italy

2006 - Always Egypt, San Francisco de Asís Convent, Historian's Office,
Old Havana.

2006 - IX Fayad Jamis Hall. Emil Abdel Kader Gallery, Arab Union of Cuba.

2006 - Wings for life. Convent of San Francisco de Asís, Office of the Historian. Ogival

2006 - Arte Mix. Galería Balneario Universitario, 42 y 1era, Playa, Havana City.

2006 - Exhibition and participation in the event ¨ Biosafety in Cuba ¨, Occidental Miramar Hotel, Playa, Havana City. -

2006 - Mix Gallery; Chicago EU

2007 - "Wings for Life", Victoria de Girón School of Medicine, Havana.

2007- First Encounter: "Of Witches and Butterflies", Pablo de la Torriente Brau Cultural Center and House of Poetry of the Office of the Historian of Havana.

2007 - Table for six. Convent of Santa Clara. Old Havana.

2007 - From the skin of Eve with the eyes of Adam. Benito Juárez House Gallery. Historian's Office, Old Havana.

2007 - Four figurative painters. Private residence. Miramar

2007 - Common Souls. Hispano-American Center of Culture, Havana City

2007 - From the skin of Eve with the eyes of Adam. Mexican Plastic Show. Mexico.

2009 - Tribute to Mothers, Heritage, FCBC. C. Havana

2009 - Images of the tenths, Municipal Beach Museum. C. Havana.

2011– Time of offerings. House-Museum of Asia. Historian's Office. old Havana

2011 - Figures. House of Poetry. Historian's Office. Old Havana.

2014 - India in Cuban plastic arts. Asia House-Museum

2015 - Asia House

2019 - International Expo at Krantz Art Gallery, India

2019 - Mega Art Gallery, Corchiano, Italy ..


1993- Artistic project to Spain, In search of mystical time.

1994- Recognition in painting at the Juan David Art Room, Gallery of the Yara cultural complex.

1994 - Artistic project to Italy, Horizons and dreams of Venice.

1994 - Certificate of Excellence at Spectrum Miami Art fair.

Some works are part of private collections in: Mexico, Chile, the United States, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Holland, England, France, Puerto Rico, Morocco, Mauritania, Portugal, India.

Biosafety Center.
Embassy of Egypt in Cuba.
Permanent exhibition at Mega Art Gallery, Corchiano, Italy.
He has done illustration work for books at the Cuban Book Institute and the Somos Jóvenes Magazine.

Illustration for the book, Cambio de vida, by Esther Díaz Llanillo
Illustration for the book, La noche de San Juan, by Gloria M. Hernández.
Illustration for the book, Death by Asphyxiation.
Illustration for the book, The streets of purgatory.
Promotion of the exhibition, The forces of the occult, Espacio Hurón Azul, TV. Cuban.
Realization of a program A Capella on the artistic trajectory.
Promotion of the exhibition, Egypt, Ancestral Paradise, (interview) in the space Hurón Azul, Cuban TV.
Recording of the exhibition Egypt, Ancestral Paradise, in the House of the Arabs, of the Office of Historian, Old Havana, for the A Capella program.
Illustration for the book, Complete Poetry by Enrique Loynaz.
Illustration for the book, Basements with the smell of Brea
Illustration for the book, Facing the Night by Emilio Comas Paret



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