Biography and a short conceptual statement about the work of Leonel Cobo

He was born in Cuba on June 23, 1988, in the municipality of Güines, Mayabeque province. Since he was a child he was very curious about drawing and painting, surrounded by so many wild fields where he grew up and ran around daily, he was inspired and dreamed of capturing the magic of the wonderful scenes that the incredible Cuban landscapes contain, it was then that as a teenager he was determining to enter the San Alejandro School of Art when when taking the entrance tests he was admitted and approved during 2003. Since then he began to study and learn about different drawing techniques and other specialties such as engraving, lithography, ceramics and Others, but the specialty that constantly disturbed him was painting, especially the Cuban landscape, where he found his spiritual refuge and could also feel the unique magic of being able to recreate in the infinite universe of his imagination that mystique that he later experienced in his way of see and perceive the landscape environment beyond the mimetic landscape by landscape merely; In other words, it had a lot of influence from Cuban painters such as the master Tomás Sánchez in the way of representing the cinematographic dynamics of the landscape and at the same time strongly absorbed surreal aspects and edges of the work of Salvador Dalí and René Magrite, all these rich nutrients were feeding the way to create in his personal work as a surrealist painter.

In particular, his work is considered to be rather a kind of surreal naturalism based on the metaphysical inspiration of the landscape as a pretext to recreate or "create" allegorical scenarios to the surreal world, the interior of dreams within consciousness, of course, always based in the morals and reflective arguments about the reality that we touch and experience in our real and tangible lives.

After having graduated in the specialty of Illustration, he never practiced as such, since his interest has always been focused on professional and artistic easel painting, for which, since then he has made several personal exhibitions and participated in other collective, national and international as some in Spain, but most have been in his native country, where he has shared experiences with other colleagues and contemporary country artists.

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