Adrián Socorro Suárez

1. POLYVINILIPTIC. Gorría Workshop Gallery. Havana. 2020
2. THE COLOR OF THE TROPIC. Intermittent Rivers Project. XIII Biennial of
Havana 2019.
3. SOMATIC MAP. Dulce María Loynaz Center. Havana. 2019
4. SOUNDS OF THE BAY. Kismet, Fireisland, New York. USA.
July 2017
5. FROM SOCORRO. Inauguration of the XXVI Book Fair in
Matanzas. Illustrations to the work of Maria Elena Blanco. Museum
Provincial Palace of Junco. Matanzas. 2017.
6. THE SUGAR JUNGLE. Pedro Esquerré Art Gallery.
Matanzas. September 2016
7. FREE FALL. Perico Art Gallery. Matanzas. September 2016.
8. EXPOSED. UNEAC Gallery of the Ciego de Ávila Branch.
Contemporary Art Week. June 2016 (two-person exhibition)
9. CUBAN - ESQUE ART AFFAIR. Red Rhino Room Galery. Adelaide City. Australia. May 2016. (two-person exhibition)
10. APRIL FLOWERS. ESPACIO 34 Gallery. Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets. Varadero. Matanzas. February 2015.
11. FREE FALL. Casa de Iberoamérica Gallery. Holguin. Pilgrimage of May. 2014 (itinerant project)
12. FREE FALL. Casa Real Gallery. Hermanos Saiz Association. Pinar del Rio. September 2014.
13. DIRECT ACCESS. Pedro Esquerré Gallery. Multipurpose room.
Matanzas. 2012
14. OTHER READINGS. "Ernesto Triolet" Pharmaceutical Museum. Matanzas. 2010.
15. PARALLEL STORIES. Gallery "Teodoro Ramos Blanco". The hill. Havana city. 2010.
16. PALMO - LIVE. Camping Canímar Arriba. Matanzas. Athens Rock Festival 2010.
17. SO IS IF IT SEEMS SO. Provincial Headquarters of the ACAA. Matanzas. 2009.
18. THIS IS MY CITY. LA VIGIA coffee. Matanzas. 2007.
19. BLIND DATE. University of Matanzas "Camilo Cienfuegos". 2006.
20. A - LINE - ART. Center. Promotion of Plastic Arts. Mtz 2004.
21. PASTEL DRAWINGS. Naranjal Cinema. Matanzas 2003.


1. WOMAN. ONA gallery. Havana. 2020
2. FROM THE IDEA TO THE FORMAT. Cuban Art Factory. The
Havana 2020
3. CENTER THE PERIPHERY. Visual Arts Development Center. Havana. 2016
4. REAGENTS. Pedro Esquerré Gallery. Matanzas 2015
5. VISIT YOU. UNEAC. Hundred fires. 2015.
6. WHATEVER. 12 Biennial of Havana. House of culture Félix Pita
Rodriguez. Miramar. Beach. Matanzas. 2015.
7. WHATEVER. Gallery “Pedro Esquerré. Matanzas. 2014.
8. Expoventa of the AHS in conjunction with the FCBC II. Art Gallery:
Space 34. Varadero. Matanzas. 2014.
9. Expoventa of the AHS in conjunction with the FCBC. Art Gallery:
Art, sun and sea. Varadero. Matanzas. 2013.
10. Convergences. Tuxpan Hotel Gallery. Varadero. 2013
11. Mixtures. 2011 Gallery “Pedro Esquerré. Matanzas.
12. Dreams of Matanzas. Art Gallery. Hotel Tuxpan. Varadero.
Matanzas. 2010
13. Young artists exhibit. Uver Solís Art Gallery. Jovellanos. Matanzas. 2010
14. Open Gallery Project (Permanent exhibition) University of Matanzas "Camilo Cienfuegos". 2009.
15. EXHIBITION OF ABSTRACT ART. Gallery “Pedro Esquerré. Matanzas. 2008
16. EXHIBITION Results of the design course 2007 - 2008. ACAA Matanzas. 2008
17. Itinerant project TRIBUTE TO FORGETTING. Matanceros Plastic Artists Collective. House of Culture "University of Matanzas". 2003
18. THREE LOVERS AND ONE LOVE. University of Matanzas “Camilo
Hundred fires". 2002
19. 150 CARDS TO MARTÍ. Gallery “Pedro Esquerré. Matanzas. 2001

1. Winner of the Creation Grant at the Roberto Diago 2018 room.
2. Genesis Prize. Leopoldo Romañach Landscape Room. Varadero 2018
3. AHS Award at the National Visual Arts Event
VISIT YOU. Cienfuegos 2015
4. FCBC Award at the II Young Artists Salon. UNEAC 2013.
5. Recognition of the Provincial Council of Plastic Arts for the day of national culture. Matanzas. 2012
6. Award for the best scenographic design. International festival of
Teatro Elsinor 2012. Higher Institute of Art. Havana.
7. ARTEX Mention XX Provincial Visual Arts Event ROBERTO DIAGO QUEROL 2010. Matanzas
8. UNEAC Mention XX Provincial Visual Arts Event ROBERTO DIAGO QUEROL 2010. Matanzas

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