About the work of Eduardo de la Cruz Guerra

In the solitude of the workshop, in the silence of the pictorial space, the young Eduardo De La Cruz Guerra shows, from his strokes, unusual plastic notation. He calls to amazement, before this emerging sample, the integrality of creational elements, echoing the movement of blackness.

Eduardo transfers his drawings made with the impatience of someone who wants to capture these cosmogonies into a monochromatic painting, from a personal perspective that compensates for his academic orphanhood. It is to admit the seriousness of the execution of such iconic versions, as an ex officio standard for this artist, who observes the fact of appropriation, so aided in postmodernity.

In these portraits the force of blackness is enclosed, won by a universalist vision. He infuses faces with the necessary gestures to signify them; he handles the light without producing great contrasts ... Details, such as the eyes, substantially support the work.

We are witnessing, without a doubt, the evocation of the expressive reserve in De la Cruz Guerra, a phase of affirmation. The theme fills the object of his proposal: let us glimpse it in his paintings.

Ana Julia Gutierrez Ulloa
Graduate in Plastic Arts,
Professor, Researcher
Cultural promoter and TV consultant.

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