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Oleos & Canvas

Sin Título Rachel

Rachel Pérez Troncoso, Painting, Expressionism, Acrylic on canvas , width 75cm height 105cm, 2015

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"Untitled" by Rachel Pérez Troncoso is an expressionist artwork made of acrylic on canvas. 


Works oriented to the sensory expressionism that the human being experiments with, thoughts, putting emotions first; that which push the body and soul to the limit. With a certain sensual character and sublime, at the same time reinforced by thick and thin lines that contour the figure, the body resists and imposes itself before the natural with arrogance sometimes and sometimes with humility.

Punished by the passage of time in waiting for the changes to come. Subtly assess what is apparently insignificant becomes an unavoidable task when we only have a piece of land barren and empty on the outside. Then and only then do we perceive those emotional lacks that were always there where we never could see them. These artistic facts show that today's societies must bet on an inclusive globalization in terms of a sensitivity truly human from the analysis with ourselves.