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Oleos & Canvas

Menage a troi

Adrian Socorro, Painting, Expressionism , Oil Acrylic and charcoal on canvas, 2021

Original Painting size: width 80cm height 60cm

Print Size: width 40cm height 30cm

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$900.00 CAD

"Menage a troi" by Adrian Socorro is an expressionist work of art made of oil, acrylic, and charcoal on canvas.  The painting depicts three naked subjects in a natural and raw view of modern sexuality. 

"Do you like to hear the song of the birds? Most people say yes, but do you understand the birds when they sing? That is the essence of my art" says Adrian Socorro on his interview. "Many times I paint things that do not make sense. I don't want to say absolutely anything, I just think in pictures, and I create things that do not exists. I feel free of chains, free enough to send whatever message I want on my art". 

Adrian Socorro can be described as an unconventional painter. He himself states that he will paint with whatever is given that will create color on a paper. Carving himself a style with the materials he is given, Adrian Socorro does not adhere to the social norms of traditional Cuban Art. Not interested in painting the landscapes, the traditional roots, or the beaches of his country, Socorro is more interested in clawing an authentic view of Cuban art that goes beyond what is traditionally depicted in media and art fairs.