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Oleos & Canvas

La Joven del Tiempo

Original Dimensions: width 141cm height 120cm

Print Dimensions: Avaliable upon request

José Suárez Verde, Painting, Figurative, Oil on canvas, 2020

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"The Youth of the Time" by José Suárez Verde is a figurative work of art made of oil on canvas made in the figurative style. 

Vitality is so eloquent, and so overlapping at times, that cherishes and surprises day to day. It is like a great chest that only our will has the keys for. Numerous creatures, diverse elements that await for the instance that the luck of the immortal turns not to the favor of utopia, but to the concrete reality. The flora, the fauna, and the man itself, reclaim it with premature ability. 

Like metaphors are built, so are the disperse icons within these canvases. Behind each one of these faces, the great symbols: a coral song to diversity, a mutual respect, to the tangible possibility to find and realize ourselves in the biologic and the emotional. The expanse of reclamation, the dialogue, the screams, presented as the humming bird, with their wings in flight, an uncanny reflect of our most expensive desires - transcurre and install itself in the immense policromy of love.